Born in Israel, Uri Morag graduated in 1996 in Drama and Production at the Kibbutzim Seminar, in Israel,
where he became a teacher in lighting designer from 2003 to 2009.
Theater production in Israel include among other:Since then Uri has worked in all the Israeli venues and Festivals. He has designed for numerous shows and
events from Musical to Opera, Drama, Dance, Multidisciplinary Performances, Architectural Designs, Cinema,
Special Projects, etc.

Spring Awakening, Company, Zorro, Oliver Twist, Avenue Q, Narnia, Blood Brothers, Cats, Cabaret, The Rubber Merchants,  Mr. Green,
Tuesdays with Morrie, Chapter B, Shaker for Inbal Pinto Dance company,  Labyrinth, Deus-Ex-Machina, The Italian Straw Hat, The Place
I Came From, Rite Of Spring with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Magic Flute for the Israeli Opera.

Works outside of Israel include:

La Divina Commedia – Devero

Zorro – Oriental Art Center Shanghai

Parade Through Macau Latin City – 12th Anniversary of the Macau Handover

Stage directing:

Conceived, Designed and Directed Man Woman Reflections – Israel Festival 2009

Wrote and Directed – Good Intentions, 2000

Direction and Lights – The Trap of Freedom, Acco Festival 2002

Israeli Awards:

“Lighting Designer of the year 2016”, awarded by the the  Fringe Awards.

“Lighting Designer of the Year 2015”, awarded by the Children and Youth Awards.

“Lighting Designer of the Year 2009/10”, awarded by the Children and Youth Awards.

“Lighting Designer of the Year 2008/9”, awarded by the Children and Youth Awards.

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